Grid Fishin' 🎣

About Grid Fishin'

Grid Fishin' is inspired by Dilbert's "Carpet Fishing" game described in the Sept 30, 2007 cartoon:

How to play

  1. Divide an area into a grid. Maybe it's the floor. Maybe it's a whiteboard or a piece of paper. Pick the area where you're going to cast your line.
  2. Enter the grid size (width x height) and cast your line. The bigger the dimensions, the harder the prize.
  3. Wait and relax for the fish to bite in one of the areas. Fishing takes anywhere from seconds to a full hour. If the area you casted your line is where the fish are, you got one! Reel it in! If the area you casted your line is not where the fish are biting, move spots and cast again.

Most importantly, be patient!


Notifications are an optional way to be alerted when the fish are biting. They are not required and can be enabled/disabled on your choice.


The source code is available by directly saving this page or from github:


Code released under the MIT License. The icon uses the "fishing pole" OpenMoji and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.